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Fastest Ways To Get Backlinks In 2021

It’s one thing to build a website and another thing for people to see it.

One of the most reliable and effective ways to grow a website and improve its rankings is with the proper use of backlinks.

Backlinks still plays a role in improving your search engine rankings. It might interest you to know that backlinking is one factor for Google ranking, so if you can get a good number of quality backlinks to your website, you stand a chance of ranking higher (showing up on the first page in searches).
While backlinks are a way to grow your website and rank higher, it’s not promised to be fast (in terms of getting backlinks), but I shall go on to reveal to you, Five quick and easy strategies to get backlinks and grow your website in 2021.

Backlinks And It’s Importance
If you’re already acquainted with what “backlink” means and it’s methods, you can skip this section and go over to the next.

Backlinks are links to your website/blog content from another website/blog. Meaning, if someone who owns blog S writes an article that links to your website, you have been “backlinked”. Not so hard, is it?

Backlinks helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When other sites provide links to yours, it shows that your content is authentic.

When they are different links to your site from external sources, it shows that they vouch for your content, and the search engine notices this. In rebound, it helps your content to rank higher on Google.

Now that you know the importance of backlinks, next will be how to get them.

How To Get More Backlinks To Your Site
Here, I have outlined five easy ways to get backlinks, draw traffic to your site, and rank higher on Google search.

1. Join growth platforms
2. Provide link-worthy content.
3. Provide “skyscraper” content.
4. Use content formats that have proven to generate links.
5. Accept guest blogs

I’ll go over these in the following paragraphs.


1. Join Growth Platforms

As expected, this has become one of the most reliable ways to get backlinks, especially if you happen to publish high-quality content. These platforms have people who register as bloggers/reporters. It means bloggers/reporters go to these platforms to find content related to theirs to learn more on the topic from the sources and possibly backlink to their sites when publishing their content.

An example of these type of platforms is HARO (Hear A Reporter Out). It’s used by thousands of bloggers, to find content and also gain backlinks. But other platforms provide the same service:
Ninja outreach
Muck Rack
Critical Mention
Agility PR Solutions
Some are paid for, while others have free features (which is quite limited compared to their paid features).
I recommend that you try them out for yourselves.


2. Provide link-worthy content

By “link-worthy”, I mean AUTHENTIC, HIGH QUALITY. It happens to be the most basic ways to get backlinks to your site. Your content should be one that other high ranking bloggers in your niche would want to link back.

Although creating quality content takes time and requires enormous effort, the results are worth the effort. Consider writing original topics that you think readers are looking for in the industry.

Providing high-quality content is not just that good for backlinks. It also helps you build authority in your niche and expands your reader-base, thereby giving you more traffic.

Another tip is to find out which of your posts performed the best and double down on it! Make it way better! When your posts increases quality, people will be more likely to backlink.

Your primary goal for each content should be to create something that provides value for others.


3. Provide Skyscraper Content

It might sound similar to the previous step. The difference is that this is a more extensive article that treats a topic widely and more particularly. It is usually ten thousand words or more, but not less.

A well-written skyscraper content should cover in detail all aspects that have to do with the topic chosen. This ten thousand words article/guide should be way better than the rest that are out there on the internet. If it’s that good, you can get sites to links your post in theirs thus, increasing your backlinks.

Here’s how you do it: First, you search up the topic of the content you want to write on Google. When the results come up, you would have to read each of them specifically and then make it 10X better, adding more details, more useful informations and explanations, making it packed with lots of quality.

Since this is a “skyscraper content”. When it’s finished, you wouldn’t want to risk it not being read or visited. That’s why you need to promote it, and there are various ways to do this – without ads.

If you’re sure that you’re “skyscraper content” is high-quality, you wouldn’t be reluctant to bring it to others.

You would want to reach out to all the influencers, industry experts, companies, tools – basically everyone you mentioned in your article. Tell them about your interest in their platform. If they go through your It and see its quality, they wouldn’t mind sharing and linking it in a future post. That will, in turn, bring about more backlinks from the others who come across your skyscraper guide.

Another way of promoting is to find sites that have backlinked to your initial posts and pitch your content to them as a better alternative in an “anti-spammy” advance.


4. Use Content Formats That Have Proven To Generate Links.

Some types of content are often ignored on the internet without page views, without backlinks. According to Brian Dean from backlinko, “75% of online content get zero links,” which can be a source of discouragement to new bloggers. But there’s a relief, according to the same statistics, some content format always generate traffic and links. These formats include:
How-to posts
“Why” posts
List posts

Now the question is, “why do these posts generate more links than others?”
Looking at their format, other bloggers wouldn’t find it hard to pick points out that they would like to link to in their posts.

Optimizing this knowledge to your benefit, you could generate backlinks to your site in just a few weeks.


5. Accept guest blogging

It is one tested and proven method to help build your backlinks.

In guest blogging, you write an article for a website that allows the practice. There are tons of sites out there that allow guest blogging. It is a way to start, run a Google search on guest blogging websites and get started with those that appear on the first page.

When you write for these websites, chances are, that you and your posts would get featured on their site, which not only serves as a proper backlink but also as a traffic source to your website. Your written articles should be precise, engaging, and of a high-quality. It is sometimes the only way your post would be accepted and posted.

There are many other ways to build backlinks, but the ones I listed here have so far proven to be the fastest non-paid ways of them all.

I hope you liked our article on the fastest ways to get backlinks in 2021. You can also check out our article on Namecheap review.

If you have other ideas on how to get backlinks, do well to share with us in the comments, and don’t forget to share this if you found this article useful.

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