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Do your Business need an Online Presence

In this time and age, every business needs an online presence, even local or international, small or large, it needs an online identity. There is nothing too complicated or too hard to understand when it comes to expanding your business and taking it online. The results? Higher sales, more customers, accelerated growth, the list keeps going.
Now, who will not want that for their business?
If you’re about starting a business or you already own a business and don’t think it’s necessary to take it online, let’s give you some few reasons why you should.

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These alone is enough to propel you to action. A good reputation is best for business, more than anything, establishing an online presence helps you to easily set the way you want your business to be perceived. Having an online presence will help your company/business build authority and gain the loyalty of both present customers and potential customers. It makes it look more reputable and trustworthy. Remember that a good reputation is best for business.

More exposure/ patronage.

You already know that your physical business limits you to only individuals around its geographical location. Taking your business online exposes your business to a larger number of interested or potential customers, therefore increasing sales and patronage in general. Think about how much your business could grow if it is brought before the right people, at the right time, at the right place.


One of the most impressive advantages of owning an online extension of your offline business is that it allows for more work flexibility. It means that you can live and work from anywhere and still run your business. You don’t need to be tied to an office to sell your product or offer your service. With a strong internet connection, you can live anywhere and run your business.


Apart from some restaurants and grocery stores that support 24 hours service, most businesses don’t. With the internet, especially for those owning e-commerce stores, anyone can search and read about products from your store and place orders at the spot at any time.

There are a lot more convincing reasons why you need to give your business an online presence, but why go further when obviously, the pros far outweigh the cons?

Now that you’re thinking about creating an online presence for your business, the next question should be, how do I go about it?. We have an article that answers this question to its full (How To Take Your Business Online), but here is a quick summary highlighting the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Choose an online target channel (Website, blog, e-commerce site, or social media)
Step 2: Set up and design your online channel. It involves buying a domain name (if your target channel is a website, blog or e-commerce store), creating/designing your website, uploading sensitive and compelling content amidst other crucial steps. You could do this yourself if you already have the skills, but if you don’t, you could make use of a web development and design service company like scalefico. Here at scalefico, we provide authentic web development and design services that help propel business growth.

You could read more about our services here.

Step 3: Market your online business to increase growth.
Step 4: Announce your move to your offline clients and instantly convert them to online customers.
Step 5: Constantly update to notify customers of new products and changes.

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