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An Introduction To Web Development In 2021

Hand Drawn Web Developers

Web development in its wholistic form is the creation of dynamic websites and web application. These web applications include social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and so on. Any platform that is accessible through a web browser is considered a web application. Web development might seem extremely difficult to learn, but that isn’t true. It is not that difficult to get started.

Let us jump right into it.

A general overview of web development:

Web development is into two categories.

Front-End Web Development and Back-End Web Development.


Front-end web development most times referred to as client-side web development. It has to do with what you interact with on a website or web application, the interface that you see. What you see is made up of three technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A combination of these three technologies results in all the websites and web platforms on the internet.

HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language. It serves as the skeleton or the frame of the web application.

CSS, short for Cascade Style Sheet. It is the technology that makes a website or a web application look outstanding and beautiful. It is use to design the skeleton(the HTML). CSS is all about design.

JavaScript, on the other hand, is like the nervous system. Javascript makes the button you click on website to function as it is supposed to. It is javascript also help everything move and work smoothly.

If you are more of a creative person, or your interest is more on how a website or web application looks and feels, then frontend web development is for you. HTML, CSS and JavaScript is all you need to get started.

Backend Web development has to do with what happens behind the scene. When you signup for Instagram, where are details stored?. When you are chatting online, how is the message sent, how do you receive message replies?. All these are possible through backend web development. They are made possible by the following technologies:

Ruby on Rails

You do not have to learn all these technologies. One is Ok to get started.

Where do I learn all these stuffs you’ve said?

There are tons of quality free content on web development available on the internet.
Youtube is a place to get started. There are tons of youtube channels creating web development tutorials. You can check out WebDev With Scalefico youtube channel, we plan on creating quality tutorials in the future.

Apart from youtube, udemy is another good source if you are willing to spend a couple of dollars.


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